Hotel booking

Are you traveling for leisure or business, but worried about booking a hotel?

Awana Tours has you covered. We’re a recognized travel service provider with acclaimed hotel booking services. Book both budget and luxury hotels worldwide. With exceptional and practical experience, we strive to offer our best recommendations to travelers.

Our amiable rapport with accommodation providers results in the most reasonable hotel rates. Guests are given VIP treatment and even have cancellation flexibility at select hotels worldwide.

We meet all your needs

We provide everything from individual hotel booking, long-term hotel or apartment stay, mass booking for group accommodation, to alternative hotel options like lodges and villas. Our experienced team goes the extra mile to ensure top-notch personalized service.

Through our network, we have access to more than 100,000hotels across the globe. So, take advantage of the best available rates and access our exclusive promotions.

Our Holidays Team works 24/7 to assist you in any possible way. We provide the perfect accommodation to match your preferred location, lifestyle, special requests, and budget.

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